Project Needs
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Impact missions and the people of Ukum appreciate your generous support.

Please consider a monthly gift today. Gifts of any amount move us closer to fully funding construction of Impact Academy.

Construction of Impact Missions Academy is underway! Once complete, the state of the art 500-capacity school will serve middle and high school students. Each student will also graduate with skills in a trade of his or her choice in one of four areas—auto mechanics & welding, seamstressing, carpentry, or hairdressing. The goal is for all students, whether they are able to attend a university or not, to learn a trade that not only earns a living wage, but also provide purpose in their lives.

Your continued support will ensure that the school is completed in time for Fall 2020 enrollment. Please consider a generous gift to support these projects:

  • $2,000 buys an acre
  • Goal: 20 acres
  • Purchased : 4
  • Needed: 16
  • Cost: $15,000
  • Each additional gift of $5,000 builds a classroom
  • Needed: 20
  • Cost: $20,000
Teachers' Workspace
  • Cost: $10,000
Dormitories to house male and female students
  • Cost: $60,000 each
  • Goal: 2
State of the art science, carpentry, home economics and music labs which would enhance instruction and foster the learning of trades.
  • $20,000 each
  • Goal: 4
Computer Lab
Integrated into student instruction, research, and curriculum. It will also serve as a computer training center for the larger community of adult learners seeking to gain basic computer knowledge.
  • Cost: $40,00
Dining and Multi-use Space
A multi-use space that will serve as dining space for students and for large gatherings: conferences, meetings, PTA; and available to the greater community for rent.
  • Cost: $50,000
What We Believe

We believe education is a ticket out of poverty. We believe every boy and girl should have access to high quality and affordable education by partnering with communities to make certain every child is able to go to school and access healthcare no matter where he or she lives.

How We Work

Think of all you take for granted daily: access to education, access to a seat and a book inside a classroom, a turn of the faucet for an endless supply of clean, drinkable water. Impact Missions not only brings needed resources and services to communities, we make a transformational difference in the people and the communities we serve.


Our mission is to provide clean water, healthcare, and education to the rural community of Ukum, Nigeria.


A world where all children have access to a world-class education and healthcare no matter where they live.


• Every life is worthy
• Every person deserves an opportunity to live a meaningful life
• We faithfully steward our resources


Salome Nengean, Executive Director

Contact Us

If you have questions, please contact:
Salome Nengean, Executive Director

Board Members

Joseph Benesh - Mr. Benesh is the president and CEO of Ingenuity Company, a strategic planning, organizational development, and design firm.
Kim Fankhauser - Ms. Fankhauser is a “Jill of all trades and connector of many." She currently serves as economic development coordinator at the Greater Des Moines Partnership.
Marike Mericle - A graduate of Dordt University in Iowa, Ms. Mericle worked in the agricultural industry for many years. She resides in Raleigh, North Carolina where she is a home educator of her four children.
Tara Nagel - As a self-professed global citizen, Ms. Nagel is a communications professional.

Success Stories
1 in 5 children under the age of 5 were dying of waterborne illnesses.

Water—the very essence of life—was destroying lives. Yet, the villagers had no choice but to drink dirty water and suffer the consequences of diarrhea, cholera, and hepatitis.

Impact Missions and our donors refused to stand by idly and watch this continue to happen. With our first project in early 2015, we raised funds to dig a well that provides save, clean drinking water for the village and surrounding areas.

Today, the well's generator runs constantly to keep up with the need for fresh water. Villagers—mostly women —are coming from as far as six miles away to collect water, walking to the well and then carrying the water home on their heads. That's how important this well is to the people of Ukum.

Can You Make A Difference?

Yes. Make a tax deductible gift to support Impact Academy construction project(s), the scholarship fund, or sponsor a project.

A comprehensive plan to meet the most urgent needs
Dig the well
Land for the school.

With literacy rates so low in the village, it is vital to build a school. Impact Missions is now raising funds for a multi-use facility that can be used for education. Four acres have been purchased. Our goal is to purchase 16 more acles at $2,000 per acre by spring 2016.

Build the education facility

Impact Missions Academy will be a three-story building with 20 classrooms, a teacher's workspace, science and computer labs and a multi-use space. Initially, the school will enroll students in 6th and 7th grade and will have a capacity for 500 students.

Construct the medical center

This 100-bed medical facility will have a section dedicated to women and chilren's health issues, a laboratory with onsite testing and preventative services.

Build student dormitories

Once the education and medical facilities are complete, Impact Missions' goal is to raise money to construct boys' and girls' residence halls with capacity to house a minimum of 500 students.