Sponsorship Levels
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Impact missions and the people of Ukum appreciate your generous support.

You can help us reach our current goal by donating $2,000 to purchase an acre of land for the school. Or choose from one of the other sponsorship levels. Any amount is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Platinum $100,000

  • Naming rights on the building—choice of school, hospital, and/or dormitories
  • Recognition of website, printed materials
  • Recognition on the entrance wall of the building
  • Recognition on the Donor wall

Gold $50,000

  • Naming rights on one or more of the following:
    • The School Library
    • An Operating Room
    • The multipurpose cafeteria/community center
    • Choice of hospital and/or dormitory wing(s)
  • Recognition on website and printed materials
  • Recognition on that particular sponsored wing
  • Recognition on the Donor wall

Silver $10,000

  • Naming rights on one or more of the following:
    • Science laboratory, a teachers' workspace
    • A computer lab
    • Hospital laboratory, nurses' work station
  • Recognition on the website and printed materials
  • Recognition in that particular space
  • Recognition on the Donor wall

Bronze $5,000

  • Naming rights on a classroom
  • Recognition on the website and printed materials
  • Recognition on the Donor wall

Partner $100

Name engraved on brick(s) lining the "opportunity walkway"

Thank you to our generous donors, including:
Dr. Marty & Lisa Mortens
Erin Clanton
Dale & Eileen Vander Wilt
Andy & Sheila Smude
Kim Fankhauser
Michael Laing
Ryan & Katy Flynn
Meredith Drive Reformed Church
Joe Benesh (for all the time he's put in designing, offering ideas, etc, REALLY!)
Sharing with those who have so little.

Think of everything we take for granted. Being born in a hospital. Going to school. Turning on the faucet for an endless supply of clean water.

These are the basics of life. Yet, they are not available to all. When you think of how we have been blessed with so much, it can be difficult to comprehend how others have so little.

These are the harsh realities in the village of Ukum in Benue State, Nigeria. Most people are subsistence farmers. Literacy rates are very low, especially among women and girls. More than 25% of children have lost one or both parents.

This is where Impact Missions — and you — come in. The people of Ukum lack even the most basic things we take for granted. This may be the only opportunity they every receive. And this is your opportunity to make a real impact in their lives.


Our mission is to provide clean water, healthcare, and education to the rural community of Ukum, Nigeria.

Core Values

• Every life is worthy
• Every person deserves an opportunity to live a meaningful life
• We faithfully steward our resources

Board Members

Joseph Benesh
Scott Carlson
Tara Ely, President
Kim Fankhauser, Treasurer
Katy Flynn
Latrice Lacey
Marike Mericle


Salome Nengean, Executive Director

Contact Us

If you have questions, please contact:
Salome Nengean, Executive Director

Success Stories
1 in 5 children under the age of 5 were dying of waterborne illnesses.

Water—the very essence of life—was destroying lives. Yet, the villagers had no choice but to drink dirty water and suffer the consequences of diarrhea, cholera, and hepatitis.

Impact Missions and our donors refused to stand by idly and watch this continue to happen. With our first project in early 2015, we raised funds to dig a well that provides save, clean drinking water for the village and surrounding areas.

Today, the well's generator runs constantly to keep up with the need for fresh water. Villagers—mostly women —are coming from as far as six miles away to collect water, walking to the well and then carrying the water home on their heads. That's how important this well is to the people of Ukum.

Wondering if you can really make a difference? Well, here's the proof.

A comprehensive plan to meet the most urgent needs
Dig the well
Land for the school.

With literacy rates so low in the village, it is vital to build a school. Impact Missions is now raising funds for a multi-use facility that can be used for education. Four acres have been purchased. Our goal is to purchase 16 more acles at $2,000 per acre by spring 2016.

Build the education facility

Impact Missions Academy will be a three-story building with 20 classrooms, a teacher's workspace, science and computer labs and a multi-use space. Initially, the school will enroll students in 6th and 7th grade and will have a capacity for 500 students.

Construct the medical center

This 100-bed medical facility will have a section dedicated to women and chilren's health issues, a laboratory with onsite testing and preventative services.

Build student dormitories

Once the education and medical facilities are complete, Impact Missions' goal is to raise money to construct boys' and girls' residence halls with capacity to house a minimum of 500 students.