Project Needs

Construction of Impact Missions Academy is underway!

Once complete, the state-of-the-art 1,500-capacity school will serve Junior and Secondary School Students. In keeping with its holistic education model, each Student will also graduate with skills in a trade: auto mechanics & welding, seamstressing, carpentry, or coding.

The goal is for all students, whether they are able to attend a university or not, to learn a trade that not only earns a living wage, but also provide purpose in their lives.

Your continued support will ensure that the school is completed and ready for students to enroll. Please consider a generous gift to support these projects:


$2,000 buys an acre
Goal: 20 acres
Purchased: 4
Needed: 16


State of the art science, carpentry, home economics and music labs which would enhance and music labs which would enhance instruction and foster the learning of trades.

$20,000 each
Goal: 4


Cost: $15,000

$600 / year

Gift a Scholarship

Directly impact a Student at Impact Academy. Your generous gift will provide one of our Students with tuition, room & board.

Computer Lab

Integrated into student instruction, research, and curriculum. It will also serve as a computer training center for the larger community of adult learners seeking to gain basic computer knowledge.

Cost: $40,000


Cost: $20,000


Each additional gift of $5,000 builds a classroom

Needed: 40

Teachers' Workspace

Cost: $10,000


Dormitories to house male and female students

Cost: $200,000
Needed: 4

Dining/Multi-Use Space

A multi-use space that will serve as a dining space for students and for large gatherings: conferences, meetings, PTA; available to the greater community for rent.

Cost: $150,000

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